Opera and Theater Center

Immerse yourselves in world class arts performances in Meikarta's very first global standard Opera and Theater Center. Sit down, listen, and enjoy to local and international artists sing, dance, and act out their passions and emotions.

City Library

Explore hundreds of local and international literatures at Meikarta's own public library. The city library will hold an impressive amount of books collected from around the world for anyone to read. Whether you are studying, getting some work done, or just looking for some peace and quiet, Meikarta's city library welcomes you.

Convention Center

Impress your audience and visitors with one of the largest convention centers in Indonesia with more than 200,000 people capacity. Local and international events ranging from business, cultural, and government will be held here, easily accessibly by Meikarta residents.

Theme Park

Have fun with friends and family at the first international theme park in Meikarta. Go on rides, eat delicious food, and spend time with your loved ones over the weekend, only in Meikarta.

Sports Center

Enjoy the thrill of watching your favorite sports with friends and family. Take advantage of our world class facilities inside our international standard stadium.